Reverse 3D Modeling

Reverse 3D Modeling and Build  Services

Prime Machines Reverse Engineering staff is available to assist you in even the most challenging reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, or “top down” new design projects. Using the latest in CAD/CAM/CAE/FEA-FEM methods, software, and tools, you will get the fastest and most cost effective solution to your Manufacturing needs.  We are world class at going from measurement,  through modeling, to manufacture of components.  We have the state the art measuring tools, with experienced technicians, together with state of art data manipulation, skilled manufacturing technicians, that comprehend the functional aspects with the state of art software, and a complete shop with both fabrication and machining capabilities to manufacture your components.  We use laser trackers, laser scanners, faro arms for measuring precision three dimensional profiles.

Reverse engineering radar system by measuring, modeliing, programing and machining

Prime Machine scanned radar system and provided three dimensional models Unigraphic format.

reverse engineering of complete military radar system.

radar scanned data ready to be modeled.

Reverse engineering and build of existing component

Existing radar component reverse 3 D modeled, CNC programed and machined from solid aluminum billet to save time and expense of creating patterns, casting and then machining.  One shop with all the expertise.

complete reverse engineering project.

Finished part manufactured with perfect form fit and function.

Our technicains are experienced in taking concepts to reality, their broad experience base aides in avoiding manufacturing mistakes that cost tremendously in production or operation of a product or process. This experience is also invaluable when it comes to Reverse 3 D modeling, Re-design, or Retro-fit of a project.

So whether your looking to take an existing design to reality, improve an existing product or process, Reverse manufacture a part, or just have a great idea that you’d like to see come to fruition, Prime Machine is the place you want to be.  We are able to replicate almost any mechanical part similar to the Star Track Replicator.

Supported CAD formats:

Native file formats: Unigraphics, Solidworks, AutoCad, Catia 4 & 5 export (.model), Mastercam, Pro-E, 3dM, and others.

Universal file Formats: IGES, STEP, DXF, DWG,  Parasolid, SAT, VDA, and most vector formats (2D).

3D CAD/CAM/CAE software where complete assembles can be built. This allows for design problems to be discovered and corrected “virtually” before ever going to proto-type or production. This saves vast amounts of time as well as the cost of proto-type analysis. From these CAD files a “G code” program can be generated to manufacture the parts on our CNC equipment

It can also be used in conjunction with our portable CMM technology to reverse measre or “digitize” and existing part. This then allows for virtual modeling changes and analysis within the Unigraphics framework. This information can then be translated to most CAD formats. You send the part, you get back a 3-d digital model!

scan data model 1 IMG_2282

This heavy industrial project is world class.  Ball mill needed to have liner bolt holes repaired.  Prime measured mill with laser scanner, manufactured a drill system to fit mill and drill holes, then scheduled a down to drill holes and make repairs in two days saving mine a substantial amount of down time and money.

reverse engineer for form fit and function.

Blades were reverse manufactured including the diaphragm fit, entire diaphragm was manufactured and installed in expander.

large components reverse engineered and manufactured. Creates form fit and function using highly accurate measuring techniques with laser trackers.

Engineering design of components to yield perfect form fit and fucntion