Equipment Design & Manufacture
Prime Machine is your resource for engineering, manufacturing, and repairing
of custom production, machining, and process equipment.

Design and build of machine tool

Designed and built machine tool for machining millions of heat sink backing plates pentium computer chip


Machine tool design, repairs and upgrades.
Our engineering department has custom designed production and process 
equipment for customers with demanding production requirements, 
and specialized needs. 

We can work closely with your design or production staff to be sure 
that your goals are met. Our in-house resources are extensive and make our 
facility an excellent choice to get your projects on-line.

Our Project Managers are experienced with taking a project from concept to reality.
Their broad experience base aides in making better designs, 
as well as avoiding costly design mistakes that cost tremendously 
in production or operation of a product or process. 

This experience is also invaluable when it comes to Reverse Engineering,
Re-design, or Retro-fit of a project.