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Industrial Services

Over our 35 five years of being in business we gained experience and knowledge that allows us to provide very needed industrial services that keep industry operating.  Our company has multiple certifications and licenses that are required by industry.  Our millions of dollars in capital investments have given us the best tools to use.  We are a close company and safety is important to us and is a major focus.  Our focus has been on the following industries:  Power generation, Oil & gas production and delivery, Mining & material processing, Aerospace, and Food and water.

​Machining services that include large, complex and high precision both in the shop and field.  Specialized dynamic balancing services for rotating equipment.
large machining, laser tracker measurement for power generation industrial service..

Laser tracker measuring large hydro seal ring after machining of the seal ring on large vertical machining center. A service we provide the power generation industry.

Prime Machine Inc machining of the seal ring for large hydroelectric turbine unit.  Our machine shops machining capabilities are world class in that we are able machine large parts or lap small parts to light band flatness.  We have the craftsmen, machine tools and inspection capabilities to verify the specified requirements.

dynamic balance fan

Dynamic balance Service of large fan for power industry. Over 35 years experience in balancing large rotors.

Prime shop has ability to fully rebuild large equipment including shaft repairs or manufacture of new shaft and installation of shaft in fan.


Diesel and Natural gas engines services that include- Machining, welding, dynamic balancing, grinding for the repairs to the engines for the transportation, oil and gas industry.

rebuild of locamotive in shop.

Prime Machine Inc. engine department completes full rebuild of this locomotive block. Additionally the heads, crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods were all rebuilt.

On site field machining.

Field machine soul plates for motor and pump mounts. Equipment installed and laser aligned.

 Mining industrial service the rebuild of mine haul truck spindle.

Prime provides both shop and on-site services for the mining industry whether you need light or heavy fabrication, machining or millwright services we have the ability and sources to help.

haul truck spindle repair

Deliver of haul truck spindle after repair by Prime truck.

Large machining of haul truck spindle

Machining large haul truck spindle Prime large vertical CNC machine.

haul truck spindle repair sub arc weld

Sub arc welding of truck spindle for repair.

Haul truck wheel hub

Machine wheel hub for haul truck to repair bearing fits.

machining bearing fit after metal spraying.

Machining of bearing fits after HVOF metal spray to repair fit for bearing. Surface is harder and will provide more wear-ability

HVOF metal spray bearing fits

HVOF high velocity oxygen fueled metal spray coating bearing fits wheel spindle mining equipment.

 Aerospace industry service provide
CNC machining of mold.

CNC machining of mold used in manufacturing aerospace equipment.

CNC machining mold

CNC machining of mold used in manufacturing jet aircraft components.

weld fabrication and machining

Manufacture of simulated missile case filled with concrete includes welding fabrication and machining, with handling rings to test lifting and handling of fully loaded missile.

Water and Food Industries

rebuild of hollow jet valve.

Prime rebuilding large valve for water passage through dam.

grinding of large gate valve slides.

Manufacture of new slide gates for valves designed and built by prime machine for water control project.

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