Large, Precision, Complex Machining Capacities

Large, Precision, Complex Machining Capabilities

Class Machine Description Image
HBM Parpas Horizontal Mill- 60 ton rotary table, 355″ longitudinal, 142″ vertical, 62.9 cross ram, with five axis head, universal head, CNC facing head.  Very large complex machining capability.  DSC_0630
VTL Large CNC vertical boring mill with live tooling.  Machining large hollow jet valve for bureau of reclamation.  Heavy machining capability. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Mill Large horizontal mill with forth axis milling capability.  Machining large tube.
Lathe Large engine lathe with tracer machining press roll.  Heavy large machining of shaft. Machining large shaft
Mill Large five axis NT lathe machining center machining large crankshaft. DSC_0157
VTL Large Vertical boring mill 23 feet of swing, 11 feet under cross rail and 100 ton table load capability.  Machining Hydro turbine part.  Large machining capability. hydrsealringfinalmach
Mill Machining of positive displacement pump on five (5) axis horizontal mill.  Large machining. DSC_0421
VTL Machining CNC vertical boring mill machining babbitt bearing. DSC_0606
Mill OKUMA- Vertical CNC boring mill heavy duty spindle. DSC_0444
Dynamic Balancing Portable Dynamic Balance Machine, 150 Ton Load Capacity, 20 Foot diameter capacity, Std RR rail mounted bases, Completely Potable balancing machine
Onsite balancing large generator rotor.  Converts to large portable machining lathe.
Press Large 800 ton wheel press for pushing large shafts from crushers and gears.
Laser tracker Faro Laser tracker three dimensional measurement for inspection of large hydro seal ring that was machined on our large vertical boring mill.  Multiple arms for our metrology department. hydrsealringfinalmach
Metal Spray High velocity oxygen fueled metal spray of bearing and seal fits haul truck axle with robot.  (HVOF metalspray) HVOFspindlebrgs
Mill Machining plastic block tools on high speed vertical four axis mill.  DSC_0463
3D Measurement Faro arm for three dimensional inspection measurements.  Arm complete with laser scanner for rapid prototyping measurements. arm3 inspectionRCD
Laser scanner Laser scanning of A10 center wing including modeling of all surfaces. pm_3d_modeling
Engine Mill Machining of deck surface on Rottler machining center can be used for line boring of engine blocks. DSC_0396
CADD Computerized drafting and programing of complex parts. DSC_0455o
Lathe CNC lathe machining of studs for large cone crusher.
Lathe Machining of babbitted compressor crosshead.
Inspection table Granite Inspection table with arm inspecting valve seat. vlvball
Yard crane Crane 50 ton yard for handling of large parts. DSC_0172
Babbitt spin fixture Centrifugally casting large hydro bearing in spin fixture.  Calibrated temperature on Babbitt pots. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mill Fifty (50) ton overhead crane capability.  Portable pit lathe 30 feet plus swing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Crane Inserting newly machined shaft into fan wheel using 50 ton crane with 40 feet under rail. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Semi Truck  Transportation Emergency pickup and delivery service on Prime Machine truck services.  DSC00802 (800x600)
Grinder  Blanchard grinder
Lapper Lapping seal rings for flatness.  Flatness measured with light band meter.
 balancing stand Balancing crankshaft in dynamic balancing machine designed for medium to small parts GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Cylindrical grinder  Cylindrical grinder grinding piston rod reciprocating compressor DSC_0481
Five axis NTX machining center

Machining complex pivot arm on multi-axis mill/turn CNC machine.