Five Axis Machining

Five axis machining or multiple axis machining

Five axis machining cuts down on time required to manufacture the part and it reduces the risk of setup errors, and allows us to manufacture more complex parts.

Multiaxis machining is a manufacturing process where computer numerically controlled tools that move in 4 or more ways are used to manufacture parts out of metal or other materials by milling away excess material.  Typical CNC tools support translation in 3 axes; multiaxis machines also support rotation around one or multiple axes.

Our primary CAM system is mastercam, we are licensed and own unigraphics and Espirit computer aided manufacturing software systems supporting five axis machining (multiaxis machining).

Multiaxis machines offer several improvements over other CNC tools at the cost of increased complexity and price of the machine:

  • The amount of human labor is reduced, if the piece would otherwise have to be turned manually during the machining.
  • A better surface finish can be obtained by moving the tool tangentially about the surface.
  • More complex parts can be manufactured, particularly parts with curved holes.

Our inspection department uses three dimensional systems laser trackers and faro arms to gather the measurements using verisurf and polyworks we are able to provide reports with data presented in structured data format or graphically.

See five axis machining video

Mori Seiki NT 6600 lathe

machining of large Cam shaft in our NT multi axis machining center

Five axis machining of large eccentric shaft in our large multiaxis NT machining center.

Parpas Formula horizontal boring mill with sixty ton rotary table

Horizontal Boring mill with 5 axis capability machining control gate plug.

Parpas Electra horizontal boring center with full turning table capabilities.

Large Horizontal Mill and Turning Center with full five axis capabilities


Mori Seiki NTX lathe with five axis milling.  Capable of mill turning.

Machining complex pivot arm on multi-axis mill/turn CNC machine.

five axis machining missile nose cone.

Machining of precision multi axis work on aerospace part.

multiaxis machining hot form die mold

Machining mold hot form die requiring five axis machining capabilities.

machining of oil & gas component.

Multi axis machining of Oil fields part well head component.

multiaxis pocket machining

Machining of five axis pockets

Crankshaft machining multiaxis machining center.

Machining crankshaft with our five axis machining center.