Large Machining multi axis milling and turning

Large Machining CNC turning, milling and multi axis work.

Prime Machine Inc. has large machining capabilities that include turning, milling, with multi axis capabilities along with ability to perform complete inspections.  We have our own laser equipment for verification of machine geometry over large distances.  Machines are calibrated and capable of holding very tight tolerances over a large envelope of machining.  Our machinists are trained and experienced in handling and machining large heavy components.  The shop is equipped with multiple cranes capable of handling over 50 tons of weight.  Large complex machining is our niche no one is better, machinists and laser tracker technicians work together to complete very high accuracy workmanship.  Our CNC programmers are experienced and skilled with the latest in technologies to machine the exact geometrical features required today.  Our inspection crews are capable of providing data in multiple formats including structured data, graphical, table and other formats to verify and confirm the machined profiles.

Prime Machine is certified to the quality standards of AS9100:2009, JISQ 9100:2009 and ISO 9001:2008.  We have systems in place to insure we build quality into our components and provide services that meet our customer requirements.

We are able to build bridge sized components to watch maker tolerances and verify the results a world class ability.

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Large CNC horizontal milling with rotary table and 5 axis capabilities.

Large horizontal machining center with multiple heads and extreme accuracy over the entire machine volume

Large horizontal machining center with rotary table in manufacture of adapter ring. All parts are laser measured inspecting all geometric dimensions and compared to model.

Parpas Electra five axis machining with large turning capability

Mill-turning aerospace ring on Parpas horizontal boring machine with turn table.

Large Horizontal Mill and Turning Center with full five axis capabilities. Turning table three meter, sixty revolutions per minute, forty tons load capacity.

Large Mill/turn CNC machining center machining crank shaft.

Large Mori Siekie NT6600 lathe and mill machining crankshaft for diesel engine

Machining large crankshaft with our multi-axis CNC lathe. Turning and milling of crankshaft are accomplished in one machine.

Large vertical CNC turning center machining threads on bowl.

Machining threads adjustment bowl crusher large crusher

Machining threads adjustment bowl crusher large crusher

Milling engine block on large vertical machining center.


Machining firing deck on large rottler machining center

Machining of firing deck diesel engine on large Rottler CNC machining center. Providing precision in all geometrical features.











Large vertical turning center machining upper head for hydro unit.

Machining of a lower wicket gate bearing ring on large vertical CNC

Machining of a lower wicket gate bearing ring on large vertical CNC turning center with live tooling for boring.

Large Horizontal lathe machining (turning) induced draft fan shaft.

large turning of fan shaft

Machining of large fan shaft in large Niles lathe

Large portable lathe machining screen drum on site work.

on site large lathe for machining mill sections

Turning screening drum 22 feet diameter, 50 feet length, weighing 386,000 pounds the largest of large machining