In place machining tooling

In place machining tools

Prime Machine is fully equipped with field tooling capable of world class in place machining.  Our skilled field machinists are experienced machining both large and small projects.  We have laser measuring capability to insure machine placement and accuracy of the on site machining.  Over 35 years of experience.  Machinists and millwrights highly skilled in the work of machining in place.  Excellent safety records.  We have around the clock service with a complete weld fabrication and large machine shop to back up the field machinists.

Worlds larges portable lathe machining of screening drum on site.

Worlds largest portable lathe capable of machining 30 feet in diameter 60 feet in length and weights of 400,000 pounds.

field machinist machining large flange of ball mill on site mine.

Skilled field machinists using large flange facing machine on site at mine to face flange of ball mill.








on site field balancing machine.

Prime world class portable balancing machine capable of being either hard bearing or soft bearing machine for high tolerance balancing. Machine has adaptive tooling to make it a portable lathe.

clam shell on site machining skilled millwrights large shaft

Prime field machinists machining large shaft in place with clam shell machine.

field machinists boring extrusion press on site.

Field machining large extrusion press on site with portable boring machine designed and built by Prime Machine.


field machining equipment designed built and operated by Prime skilled millwrights.

Field machining tooling designed and built for a purpose to drill mill shell liner holes for quick repair on site mine.

field machining tire with grinding machine.

Field grinding tire in place. Skilled craftsmen set and grind surface kiln tire.

line boring pin fits with field machining equipment

Line boring crane boom fits with prime climax field machining bar.

field machining portable lathe

Portable lathe designed built by Prime machine machining 80″x 400″ long mandrel.

field machining gate hydro project and measuring flatness faro arm.

Field machining gate bottom of dam with our milling machine and measuring flatness with faro arm.















Installation of Kaplan turbine with Prime's 50 ton crane.

Prime 50 ton crane installing Kaplin turbine rotor at the dam site.










field measuring with laser tracker hydro unit.

measuring hydro electric turbine generator installation with laser tracker for accurate measurements.









field machining engine block.

Field boring upper fits engine block installing liners on site gas plant.

on site machining, field machining

field machining on site of soul plates to bring back to flat and level.