Prime Machine Inc. Aerospace

Prime Machine Inc. has been assessed and certified to AS9100C and 9001:2008 quality management system for fabrication, machining, inspection and assembly of aerospace and military products.  We have our name on Mars with others that contributed to the Mars lander project with Lockheed Martin.  Other significant projects we have been involved with include the James Webb telescope, airborne laser, B2 bomber, A10 airplane, KEI missile and many other projects.


Airplane wing machined in large horizontal machining center. Wing set up in positioner to enable three dimensional scanning of wing to collect dated needed to create solid models.


Machining of aerospace tooling in large five axis machining center with faro laser set up for second source verification of dimensions.



Machining of radar base pedestal in five axis machining center. Radar base used in radar system to detect low flying aircrafts in protection of homeland.

Machining of Kevlar material as specified on CNC vertical machining center

Machining of Kinetic energy interceptor mold Kevlar material on vertical CNC machining center.

Machine wing mold CNC horizontal machining center

Machining F22 leading edge wing mold on large horzonital machining center

layup mold three dimensional inspection.

Layup mold in inspection table for verification of machined surface.

three dimensional reporting of measured surfances graphical report of laser tracker

digital graphical reports of surfaces layup mold three dimensional by laser tracker.




Machined large complete simulated rocket motor

Manufactured simulated rocket motor filled it with concrete and tested handling rings for aerospace industry