Jaw Crushers

Jaw crusher rebuild required large machining, specialized welding of shaft, part duplication, babbitt bearings cast, and millwrights for the installation.  Prime completed all as a one source contractor for mine.

Static casting jaw crusher babbit bearing

Setting up to static cast babbitt for Jaw crusher bearing.

machining large jaw crusher babbitt bearing

Machining babbitt bearing for Jaw crusher.

 Eccentric shaft jaw crusher being welded

Eccentric shaft Jaw Crusher prep for sub arc weld shaft

jaw crusher toggle repair

toggle repair for jaw crusher

bronze toggle seats machined for jaw crusher

New toggle seats manufactured

shop assembly jaw crusher

Shop assembly jaw crusher and test prior to field errection

millwrights assemblying jaw crusher

Field assembly Jaw crusher at mine site by Prime Millwrights

Rigging heavy parts jaw crusher

Rigging and assembly of Jaw crusher by Prime Millwrights at mine site

Jaw crusher shaft bearings assembled and checked for alignment

Jaw crusher bearing and shaft alignment check bluing shaft

Motor and sheeve alignment jaw crusher

Setting motor for Jaw crusher by millwrights final stages of installation.