Prime Mining Repair and Services

Prime Machine Inc. is in the mine service business. Providing machining of the largest of the mining equipment both in our shop and on site in place machining. We provide machine shop, fabrication and millwright services. We have over thirty years experience servicing mining equipment and we know what it takes to make your equipment function. ISO, OSHA, and MSHA Certified Installation.  Over thirty years of doing the heavy lifting and a great safety record.


376crusherbowlthrd Prime installing Jaw crusher  mine site.  The Jaw crusher was fully rebuild in our shop prior to installation of the crusher on-site.

Prime machining bowl for large cone crusher for the OEM.  Bowl weighs over 100,000 pounds we have the equipment cranes and machines to handle your large work.

navigate to top of the pageThe cost to pull large equipment out of service to have it machine is prohibitive and we have developed numerous methods to machine large equipment in place saving both time and money.


Field machining of grinding mill on-site with large flange facer

ball mill gear flip and alignment

Flipping gear on large ball mill. Alignments of pinion and motor after the turning and setting of gear to mill

grinding kiln tires

Grinding Kiln tire and kiln alignment by Prime experienced crews.

Mill alignments gear and motor

Gear alignment pinion to bull gear and synchronous motor to pinion gear alignment

field drilling of ball mill shell with equipment designed and built by Prime Machine.

Drill liner holes on mill with field machining drill designed and built to complete operation entire shell drilled 28 hours.

field machining at mine site with clam shell turning device.

Field machining shaft on site with clam shell turning machining.

Cutting costs  and increasing equipment reliability means more profit for you business.

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