Millwrights skilled and experienced

Millwrights Services

Our Millwrights are skilled craftsmen that have been trained and are experienced in the trade of setting up machinery and the care and maintenance of machinery.  Safety is always of first concern and most of them have multiple certifications of safety training including MSHA, OSHA and UITC.   Their technical knowledge of rigging, bearings, seals, grouting, and alignments are exceptional.  Work site organization and meeting schedules are  priorities.  Additionally we are equipped with the best tools and trained to use them. Highly skilled riggers to move large heavy equipment into place.

Our millwrights are experienced with fans, pumps, gearboxes, turbines, compressors and mills.

Emergency repair services- we are able to mobilize and work around the clock to bring your machinery back on line.

Complete safety procedures for confined space workmanship.  Lead abatement services available.

Our millwrights:

  • read diagrams and schematic drawings and service manuals to determine work procedures
  • operate rigging equipment and dollies to place heavy machinery and parts
  • fit bearings, align gears and shafts, attach motors, and connect couplings and belts to precise tolerances
  • align and test equipment, and make any necessary adjustments
  • perform predictive and operational procedures
  • repair or replace defective parts
  • service and repair hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • complete welding and fabrication tasks including code welding an inventory of replacement parts.

There is a real synergy that occurs when working with our millwrights that have the full support of a dedicated machine and fabrication shop.  Additionally our precision measurement services add to that synergy to provide the most capable of craftsmen tooled with the latest in technology for measurement services.  Laser trackers, three dimensional measuring arms with the latest software to assist.


Gear alignments on mill

Millwrights aligning pinion and bull gear.

millwrights setting bearing clearance.

Setting of bearing clearances during new bearing installation.

laser tracker mounted to align hydroelectric turbine.

Skilled craftsmen and laser operators aligning bearing supports large hydroelectric turbine.

Grouting of soul plates for motor and gear box by millwrights.

Setting new soul plate in place and grouting.

gearbox rebuild and laser alignment

Laser alignment of gearbox and motor after rebuild and installation of box.

laser tracker setup of turbine lower case

Installing turbine stages on shaft.