Engine Block Repairs

Prime Machine Inc. Engine department block repair has the capability and knowhow to repair your block professionally from locomotive blocks, to oil and gas engine blocks, haul truck, over the road,  and power production.

Blocks are laser measured with a laser tracker to verify the block geometry and sizes. This measurement will provide all needed information to determine any machining or other dimensional repairs that may be required.  After machining of the large blocks measurements are taken again with the laser tracker and final reports provided on block geometry and sizes.


After measurement the repairs are determined and blocks are machined on large precision machines capable of holding all the tolerances required.

engine block deck resurface


Line bore block


Field machining upper bores engine block


Prime Machine has been rebuilding and repairing large engine blocks for more than 30 years we have experience, knowledge, equipment and skilled craftsmen to machine your block.  Additional services we offer are metal stitching, electroplating, metal spraying, and cast iron welding when required to bring a block back to standard measurements.