Engine Block Repair Heavy Diesel and Natural Gas Engines

Engine Block Repair

Prime Machine Inc. Engine department block repair has the capability and knowhow to repair your block professionally.  Our experience of over 40 years on diesel locomotive, oil and gas engine, haul truck, over the road,  and power generation engines given us the relevant skills, knowledge of the realities required in this complex and precision work.

Engine Block Inspection

Engine blocks are chemically washed and cleaned to remove all oil and grease from the block.  Oil passages are cleaned and verified that there are no blockages.

Blocks are laser measured with a laser tracker to verify the block geometry and sizes. This measurement will provide detailed information on block geometry.  This includes sizes and position of the main bores, size and position of cam bores, deck height and flatness, cylinder sizes and position to determine any machining or other dimensional repairs that may be required.  After machining of the large blocks measurements are taken again with the laser tracker and final reports provided on block geometry and sizes.


Laser measurement of engine blocks for verification of specified dimensions and determination of repair methods including machining of block.

laser tracker measure.ment of engine block to determine size and position of main bores

Laser measuring main line bore of large engine block. Precision measures the concentricity of bores and sizes to determine if repairs are required.

Large Engine Block Machining

After measurement the repairs are determined and blocks are machined on large precision machines capable of holding all the tolerances required for size and position.


Machining Large Engine Block cylinder bores

CNC Rottler machining center machining of large engine block cylinder bores.

large engine block machined on a Rottler machining center to repair main bearings for size and position.

Line Bore machining of large engine block main bores to repair size and position of bores.


On site machining of Large Engine Block cylinder bores.

field machining large engine block main cylinder bores.

Field machining upper bores large natural gas engine block.


Prime Machine has been rebuilding and repairing large engine blocks for more than 40 years we have experience, knowledge, equipment and skilled craftsmen to machine your block.  Additional services we offer are metal stitching, electroplating, metal spraying, and cast iron welding when required to bring a block back to standard measurements.