Pump Repair the best

Pump Repair

Our shop is a full service facility with round the clock pump repair capabilities. Over thirty five years of experience providing industry with shut down services.  We have the tools:

  • Mechanics experienced in setting proper clearances and fits.
  • Machine shop with precision capability for every machining need in a pump whether the rotating element or the case work.
  • Weld fabrication facilities for any welding work that should be required.
  • Dynamic balancing capability for small or large rotors.
  • Metal spray capabilities including HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuelded) coatings to increase wear-ability of seal surfaces.  Improved pump performance and longevity of service.
  • Babbitt bearing services of high speed bearings.
  • Laser three dimensional inspection of components and stacking dimensions.
  • Full Reporting systems verifying clearances, fits, balance and dimensional requirements.
  • Site pump installation with grouting and laser alignment capabilities.
  • Large crane capability and qualified riggers.
  • Painting capabilities epoxy paints.

Our rebuilds have often performed better than OEM rebuilds as we are able to set clearances to exact specifications, balance to high speed high tolerance requirements, provide special coatings improving wear resistance, install with precision laser alignment.

pump rebuilds with large machining capabulity.

Circulation pump repairs Prime large Machine Shop. Skilled craftsmen with correct equipment to rebuild your pumps. 35 years experience.

large machining of pump componnents.

Large circulation pump completely rebuilt including impeller, shafts, discharge head, seals, and motor mounts. Component registers all machined to correct alignment issues.

Prime Machine Inc. specializes in large and small pump repair of all kinds.

Our shop has the qualified personnel, crane capacity, and machines to complete a quality rebuild including:

Transportation to the shop on our dedicated semi truck for direct route transportation to and from the shop.

Millwrights experienced in the disassembly and assembly of large rotating equipment.

Column and discharge head repairs:
  • Welding and machining of registered fits
  • All registers and bearing housing are verified to be straight using our laser tracker system.
  • Repairing of all bearing fits and a packing case are critical to the alignment of the pump for improved operation producing less friction and vibration. This requires large capacity machining and is completed on our Froreip vertical boring mill.
    Impellor repairs include:
  • Welding of worn areas
  • Repair of all leading and trailing edge cavitation areas
  • Full Machining on our CNC Machines
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating components
  • Impellors are machined on our computer numerically controlled machines to provide the exact clearance required between the impellor and impellor liner housing to yield the maximum efficiency. The machining is three dimensionally verified by our laser tracker system. Complete quality reports are provided graphically to represent the clearance.
    Impellor liner bowl repairs include:
  • Welding of worn areas
  • Machining on our CNC Machines
  • Laser tracker three-dimensional inspection of profile to insure the bowl to liner fit is correct yielding efficient pumping.
    Shaft repairs include:
  • verification of straightness
  • measurement bearing journal sizes
  • metal spraying of bearing fits
  • Certified balance technicians to provide an impellor with balance in two planes complete dynamic balance of the impellor.Coatings of epoxy paint are applied that provide protection to both the exterior and interior of the pump.Our pump repairs yield maximum flow with minimum power draw. Restoring cooling capacity to condense the steam and reduce back pressure on the turbine. The power draw to run the pump is reduced creating more overall efficiency for the power plant.