Turbine Maintenance

Turbine Maintenance shop and field work.

Prime Machine has been involved with Turbine Maintenance since our very beginning.  We have extensive knowledge of the Elliott YR series turbines and have reverse engineered almost every part in these turbines.   Over the years our experience grew and we have been involved with major Utility turbine overhauls.  Our work includes:

  • Main Turbine Valves rebuilds with HVOF tungsten carbide coatings
  • On site Low speed balance of rotors
  • Laser alignment and case inspections
  • Stud removal
  • Babbitt bearing rebuilds
  • Case machining
  • On-site machining line boring, flange facing, milling
  • Code welding of components.
 dynamic balance of turbine rotor at the generation facility

Low speed dynamic balance of LP rotor on site turbine bay of plant.

laser tracker inspection turbine case for size and position

Turbine case inspection with laser tracker verifying machined fits size and position in the case. Complete structured data reports and graphical representations.

diaphram work welding and form grinding.

Turbine rotor laser tracker dimensional and geometric measurement for critical functionality of rotor.

Dynamic balancing of steam turbine rotor in our shop after machining of repaired bearing and seal fits by spraying

Small steam turbine rotor being dynamically balanced in our shop.

babbitt bearing repairs

Turbine babbitt bearing centrifugally cast and machined.


replicator of turbine diaphram.

Expander turbine stationary blades and housings reverse engineered and manufactured total three weeks time. Very rapid prototype to replacement component.