Industrial Crusher maintenance and rebuilds

Industrial Crushers rebuilds by Prime Machine

Our facilities have the tooling and craftsmen to make major repairs to your industrial crushers.  We have expertise in cone crushers, hammer or impact mills, and jaw style. The  shop is equipped with large cranes for handling the heavy loads, large welding positioners, and large machines to complete the machine work required in major rebuilds. Our mechanics are trained and experienced at installing the large bearings on shafts and have the correct tools for the work.

large machining, fabrication and dynamic balancing

Reverse engineer and build new large hammer mill rotor for cement plant. Completed all fabrication, machining, dynamic balancing in shop.

Shop rebuilds a large impact crusher that required a complete new rotor.  A new shaft was machined and new rotor was manufactured requiring heavy welding capabilities as well as large machining capabilities.


Cone crusher repairs

Prime has been rebuilding cone crushers for the mining industry for more than 35 years.  Main frames, bowls, adjustment rings, eccentric housings we comprehend the purpose each component and rebuild for performance.  We have the knowledge, experience and right tools to rebuild your crushers economically.

machining of large adjustment bowl for crusher

Machining of 100,000 pound adjustment bowl for very large cone style crusher.

cone crusher in for shop repair and assembly

Assembly of cone crusher by Prime millwrights,

Cone crusher mantle seat surfaces machined in large machining center.

large machining center with skilled craftsmen machining cone crusher wear liner seat.

Repair of large gyratory cone crusher head by welding and machining

Wear mantle cone crusher machined

machining of cone crusher wear mantle

Jaw crusher rebuild

Machining eccentric shaft, babbitting and machining of main bearings and jaw bearing, repairs to jaw wear plate fits, manufacture new toggle and toggle seats.

 Jaw crusher installation at mine site by Prime millwright crews.  Included grouting soul plates and full erection of crusher.Jaw crusher installation after shop welding and machined repairs made
  • crusher shaft automatically welded sub arc system and positioner.

    Sub Arc welding of jaw crusher shaft build up of bearing area to provide standardized bearing fits.

    jaw crusher eccentric shaft

    Machining of large eccentric shaft for jaw crus