Oil & Gas equipment repairs and manufacturing

Prime Machine Inc. has thirty plus years experience serving the oil and gas industry. 
Providing machine shop, welding, millwright service and replacement parts. 
Rebuilding large industrial engines integral to compression and generation units.  Compressors both centrifugal and reciprocating rebuilds.  We have an excellent safety record EMOD below 1.  We are AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified shop.  Welding certifications “U”, “R”, “S” stamp certifications for welding.  Craftsmen have MSHA and OSHA certifications of safety training. 

machining firing deck engine block Rottler machine.

machining large caterpillar block on Rottler machining center.

laser tracker measurement of engine block

Complete laser inspection of cat engine block. Measuring size and geometry of bores, pan rail flatness, firing deck surfaces with Faro laser tracker.

  • muti axis machining complex part large machining center

    Machining of blow out preventer deep ocean unit in multi axis machining center.

    crankshaft diesel engine two plane balanced

    dynamic balance of crankshaft

Pump, Turbine, Engine, Compressor rebuilds.


machining of pump components for rebuild of pump.

vertical turbine pump rebuild new shafts, bushings, wear rings, bowl rebuilds, seals, and heads.

dynamic balance turbine rotor.

Dynamic balance of turbine rotor. Prime completely rebuilds turbines setting bearings, seals, diaphragms installation and laser alignment.

horizontal split pump overhaul

Complete rebuilds of horizontal split case pumps

on siite machining of engine block

Field machining of upper bores engine firing deck