Mechanical Industrial services

Full Reconditioning and Rebuild of Industrial Equipment:

Experienced millwrights and mechanics with the correct tools insure full functionality of equipment.  Many of our rebuilds are completed during a shutdown and must run immediately when placed back in service.  Our integrated shop with machining, fabrication, balancing, and millwright services make us unique to bring your plant back on line when you need equipment reliability.  We are experts at rebuilding pumps, compressors, turbines, fans, gearboxes essentially all rotating equipment.  Our millwrights are experienced field machinists with the right tools.

Our millwrights are fully qualified and ready to tackle any challenge like the installation of this large shaft in a fan wheel.  We have over 35 years of experience.  Safety is a focus and we have an excellent safety record.


Rebuild of high speed oxygen blower including the following elements: Manufacture new shaft, replace bearings, redesign of seals for improved sealing, dynamic balance of rotor, assembly setting all clearances and installation with  laser alignment.

impeller cleaning for oxygen service by millwrightsDSC_0524

Oxygen service cleaning and verification with black light source of blower impeller.


fan shaft installed in wheel.

Installation of shaft in large fan. Prime manufactured new shaft, repaired wheel, installed shaft and dynamically balanced the rotor.

millwright mechanical service assembling large hydraulic valve

Assembly of large valve after machining components to perfect form fit function and have leak free valve.

rebuild of pump power plant includes large machining

Complete rebuild of large power company pump includes machining of registers, bearing, impeller and seal fits. Impeller dynamically balanced in our shop.


Gearbox rebuild Philedelphia gear box includes repair bearing fits, shaft seal fits, Babbitt bearing rebuilds, assembly and installation at plant with alignment.

millwright services on large gear box.

Cleaning and inspection of gear for large gear box.


repair positive displacement pump that includes machining, assembly and on site installation.

pump rebuild machine work, dynamic balance impellor.

vertical turbine pump repair includes all mechanical, machining, dynamic balancing assembly and reporting.



dimensional inspection of turbine rotor for bearing fits, seal areas. Rotor was also dynamic balanced