Ball mill maintenance

Ball Mill Maintenance Shop and Field work.

Ball mill maintenance- our shop and field crews make a unique combination to provide complete and up to date ball mill maintenance services.

The shop is fully equipped with the large machining, fabrication, and engineering capabilities to rebuild your mill components.  Our mechanics are experienced at removing and installing large bearings.  Our babbitt facility is capable of rebuilding the largest of your bearings.  We are capable of completely manufacturing new shells in our fabrication facility and machining them with our large machining centers.  Bearing housings, bearings, and trunion liners can all be engineered, fabricated and machined at our facilities.

In the field we are capable of doing mill alignments using state of the art three dimensional lasers to provide accurate measurements of the center line mill rotation and pinion rotations.  The lasers are capable of aligning the synchronous motors and pinions over the large clutches to get accurate shaft to shaft alignments.  Girth gear change outs with our experienced millwrights or just reversing gear.  We are able to machine journals in place or remove them and bring to shop and machine them here.

We are able to scan the inside of mill and provide accurate wear information and analysis with our laser scanning equipment and technicians.

Machining large mill feed end and trunnion

We have been machining mill trunnions since the beginning of time no one has more experience and ability

large weld fabrication

Weld fabrication of tire Mill 6 Newmont worlds largest dry grinding mill world class workmanship 6″ full penetration welds verified with ultra sonic testing. Machined after fabrication to 32 RMS finish.

pinion for mill bearing change out

Installing bearings on pinion gear for mill. Craftsmen trained on bearing installation and experienced.


Trunnion liner manufactured.

trunion liner fabricated and machined. we are able to have rubber lined.

Mill drive train alignment.

Prime crew completing pinion to girth gear alignment and motor to pinion alignments.

on site machining of liner bolt holes ball mill

Prime’s liner bolt hole drilling machine for upgrading of liner bolts. Drill complete shell 36 hours.

millwrights installing girth gear ball mill

Prime millwrights changing girth gear ball mill.

Milling face of ball mill shell in place

In place machining of mill shell flange in the arctic circle.