Laser Tracker Measuring Services

Laser Tracker Measurements

Prime Machine Inc. as a world class performer has the ability to take an obsolete part and manufacture a new part rapidly.  We are able to measure parts with billions of points using sophisticated state  of the art laser tracker scanning tools and along with Polyworks software convert the data to into three dimensional parametric models with Solid Works.  Using the models we are able to create computerized programs to machine the components precisely to fit and function as required.  WE ARE A REAL WORLD STAR TREK REPLICATOR.

Aerospace alignment using laser trackers we have been involved with A350 airplane tooling alignments.  We have the ability to inspect parts to the CADD models providing graphical 3D reports in excel in structured format or PDF with variances.

Picture of aft fuselage and nacelle(fits like a glove)Wing_2c

Laser Scanned entire A10 aircraft and provided data for CADD modeling.  Images of aft fuselage, empennage, Nacelle and center wing using long range Surphaser technology.  We also machine A10 wings and inspect machining with laser tracker three dimensional capabilities.

Our laser tracker crews assisted in the construction of James Webb telescope aligning the components and fitting them in place.  Additionally we weld fabricated and machined the test fixture for the telescope testing procedures.

precision laser tracker measureemnts

Assembly of James Webb Space telescope back plane using three dimensional laser tracker technology by Prime laser tracker crew members.

faro arm measuring oil and gas part

Three dimensional inspection of part with Faro three dimensional arm capable of providing structured data reports.

laser tracker measuring engine block.

Technician using laser tracker to measure critical dimensions large engine block.


Prime Inspection craftsmen are pictured inspecting components in our shop:  Large engine blocks, turbine rotor, complex valve seat, hydro-turbine seal ring, small aerospace parts and an engine head cover.  The laser tracker three dimensional inspection equipment takes thousands of points per second and averages the reading so we are able to determine from standard deviation how confident we can be in the measurements by the arms and laser trackers.