Welding & Fabrication Services

Welded Materials

Prime Machines welding services include welding of the following materials mild steel, alloyed steel, stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, bonzes and cast iron.

Welding Methods

Prime Machines welding services include welding with the following methods: Arc welding, Flux-cored welding, Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding, Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Plasma arc welding, Shielded-Metal arc, Submerged arc.

Welding services

Prime Machine welding services include providing welders to work on your projects under your direction or providing complete engineered welding methods.

The experienced fabrication technicians are trained in manual and automated processes. This assures the highest quality in repetitive parts, and the most common sense approach to unique projects.

The technicians are skilled and certified holding ASME and AWS welding code certificates.  They are also knowledgeable with exotic materials and processes.  The capability of large fabrication and large machining at our facilities create a unique synergy to provide real value to our customers.

large fabrication and machining

James Webb Space telescope test stand fabricated and machined to rigid specifications. Bridge size structure made to watch maker tolerance.

  • All types of fabrication and repair using:
    SAW – Submerged arc welding
    GTAW – Gas tungsten arc welding
    GMAW – Gas metal arc welding
    SMAW – Shielded metal arc welding
    FCAW – Flux core arc welding
  • Experienced in specialized metals:
    Stainless steel
    Cast Iron
  • Welding Standards
    AWS D 1.1 and 1.2 and ASME
  • Rotary positioner up to 12 tons and 15′ in diameter
  • Manipulators:
    14′ high 12′ travel
    14′ high 8′ travel
    14′ high unlimited travel
  • Field welding services
  • Stress relieve up to 23′ diameter 10′ high
  • Ultrasonic / X-ray Inspection
  • Dye penetrant / Mag-particle Inspection
  • Load Testing
  • Heat  Treat / Stress Relieve / Anneal
  • Pre-heat / post-heat
  • Material Spectral Analysis
froming, rolling welding and machining

Ducting fabricated and installed

structural fabrication

Structural weld fabrications

Design and build fan.
fan under construction weld fabrication

New fan fabrication design and build by Prime fabrication services

engineering of fan

design and build fan

welding, forming, plate rolling

Fabrication of Storage bin includes all welding, forming, and machining


Mill six tire welded with 6″ plate full penetration welds.


Grit Screw Coveyor, welded, formed

Screw conveyor Manufactured

sub arc jaw crusher shaft

Sub-arc weld build up jaw crusher shaft bearing area

flighing auger welded

Auger manufacture includes welding and machining

SF6 tanks welding

aluminum welding tank for aerospace industry

welding fabrication heavey palte

Manufacture of crusher rotor includes reverse engineer, weld fabrication of heavy plate, machining components, dynamic balance of rotor, and shipment on our truck.

First Assembly of the Stack

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