Prime specializes in a number of processes and we have over 35 years of experience in large machining, babbitt bearings, metal spraying, and millwright type services.

Babbitt bearings Specialty 


Spin casting large bearing for hydro plant





large mill bearing in final prep stages after babbitting and machining.


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large machining of seal ring.

large machining and laser inspection of seal ring for hydro electric plant,

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Bearing and seal fit repairs to haul truck spindle using high velocity oxygen fueled coating process. High bond strength, dense hard material actually improves seal and bearing surface wear.


metal spary with high velocity oxygen fueled system to provide maximum bond strength and density of coating

Tungsten carbide coating roll shaft with high velocity oxygen fueled (HVOF) metal spray coating process. Used on carbon fiber roll line.


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tooling design and build and operate

Designed and build drill tooling that would drill mill shell expeditiously

weld aluminum tooling

Design and build tooling, verify dimensions and provide customer all data.

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Prevent Failures:-Lower Vibrations- Reduce Maintenance-Reduce Operating Costs-Improve Longevity
Resolve Foundation Issues: Voids – Dis-bond-Soft Foot-Water – air inclusions
 agrout  agrout1

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