Prime Machine Inc.

STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION with Prime Machine Inc.  Our mission is to keep the industrial world productive.  Prime Machine offers a world class facility with integrated engineering, machine shop, fabrication and millwright services.  We build bridge size structures to watch maker tolerances.  Our craftsmen are trained in state of the art technologies we have the tools and the ability to use them.  Technologies such as laser tracker three dimensional  measurement that we use to confirm our machining, fabrication and installations are accurate.  Computer aided machining used for multi axis programing for complex parts.  Large rotating equipment requires dynamic balancing and our craftsmen are experienced in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis.  We are certified and authorized under the American Society of Mechanical engineers (ASME) to build and repair pressure vessels. The personal safety and health of each employee of Prime Machine is of primary importance.  Prime  maintains a safe and healthy working environment at all times.  Prime Machine has developed and implemented a quality management system in order to document the continually improving business practices that lead to a better understanding of requirements and expectations of our customers.  We have a 30 plus year legacy of satisfied customers!