Prime Replicator lets us make your obsolete or hard to find parts and provide you with a form fit and functional part rapidly and reliably

Prime replicator making a part

Prime Machine Inc. as a world class performer has the ability to take an obsolete part and manufacture a new part rapidly.  We are able to measure parts with billions of points by using three dimensional laser measurement technology and through sophisticated state of the art Polyworks software convert the data to into three dimensional models.  Using the models we […]

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James Webb Telescope Prime Laser crews assisted ATK with the precision assembly for James Webb

ATK clean room total backplane

Prime Machine weld fabricated and machined the test stand for the James Webb Space Telescope a LARGE BRIDGE SIZED STRUCTURE BUILT TO WATCHMAKER TOLERANCES.  Additionally we assembled the actual structure of the space telescope for Orbital ATK, Inc. with our trained craftsmen using three dimension laser measuring instrumentation holding extremely tight tolerances required for holding the optics of the mirror.  […]

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